Polychrome Jasper

Jasper Intarsia

Velvet Obsidian

Pinolith Intarsia

Indian Paint Stone


Tiger Eye, Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood, Wyoming Banded Iron

Yttrium Fluorite

Indian Blanket Jasper

Leland Blue Slag Glass



Fancy Jasper

Mookaite from Australia

Pinolith from Austria

Jumpin' Jeep Agate from Oregon

Noreena Jasper from Australia

Tiger Eye


Laguna Lace Agate

Crazy Lace Agate

Apache Canyon Dendritic Rhyolite


Red Moss Agate, two Calico Agate from Mexico, Agate from Arizona, Polish Flint, and Bloodstone from India

Zebra Lace Agate from Mexico

Crazy Lace Agate from Mexico

Rosetta Picture Stone from Mexico

Picasso Marble from Utah

Rhodonite, common opal, and Rhodocrosite

Jasper from Arizona, Apache Canyon Rhyolite, Rolling Hills Dolomite, and two Polychrome Jasper from Madagascar

Outback Jasper from Australia

Malachite from Congo

Shattuckite from Arizona

Sonoran Sunrise from Mexico

Picture Jasper from Idaho

Wild Horse Magnesite from Arizona

Dumortierite from Arizona

Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan

Chalcedony from Wyoming

Chalcedony pairs from the same piece of rough!

Mary Lou's Marble

Onyx from Globe, Arizona

Jasper from Mexico

Flowering Tube and Banded Onyx from New Mexico

Turritella Agate from Wyoming